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Vintage & Classic, Military & Amphibious, Exhibitor & Market Place

bookings remain OPEN

Be a Part of Trad 2024

Enter your boat, old car, amphibious or military vehicle   book trade or exhibition space,   &  a campsite pitch

For any queries please contact:

Sue Harris by email at


The following craft are eligible to enter the Festival

  • Boats of traditional wooden construction

  • Wooden boats built by hot or cold moulding techniques

  • Composite craft (i.e. metal frames with timber planking)

  • Vessels built of riveted iron or riveted steel

  • Craft built of canvas on a wooden frame

  • Craft propelled by steam

Boats built wholly or partly of Ferro Cement, GRP (glass fibre) or plastics and those built

of welded steel or having marine plywood hulls are NOT eligible for this Rally.

Marine plywood is only acceptable in any craft when used internally, e.g. bulkheads, internal flooring or as the inner skin of a planked deck.

Owners of craft, which qualified under previous eligibility rules (e.g. plywood boats with planked clinker hull, which have attended in the past, may still enter such craft for the Rally PROVIDING ownership of the craft has not changed AND the continuity of entry is not broken.

  • There will be a ‘Special Interest’ class for boats considered by the committee
    to be of special historic or constructional interest, but not otherwise eligible to enter. Entry into this class is at the sole discretion of the committee and if accepted does not confer rights of entry in succeeding years.

  • Moorings will be allocated according to classification to all entered and accepted boats.
    Owners must be prepared to raft up with similar craft to enable all the vessels to moor safely.

  • The Committee’s decision on matters of eligibility and suitability for entry will be final.

  • All owners of boats entered must pay the appropriate boat entry fee.


Support boats of non-traditional construction may be accepted and allocated a mooring subject to availability of space and payment of the boat entry fee. The owner of the traditional craft must make the application for the associated support boat.

Cancellations - entry fees may be refunded at the committee’s discretion up to the closing date for entries - 1st June - after which no refunds will be given.

Entry packs will be sent out in late June. 

 Entry list now open 

Vintage & Classic Vehicles

Veteran, Vintage or Classic cars and motorbikes, constructed or first registered before 31st December 1985 are welcome at the Festival. The entry fee of £20, covering vehicle entry, driver and one passenger for the 3 days of the Festival, is only available in advance using this form.

At the Committee's discretion certain vehicles considered to be of very Special Interest produced after 1985 may be accepted, by arrangement in advance. A proper case must be made for the significance of the vehicle concerned. This should include, where applicable, ownership history, pedigree, racing history, and/or contribution to automotive design and technology.


PLEASE NOTE:  Advance bookings are now open. Vintage and Classic cars will always be welcome to attend, space permitting, at the daily rate of £20 covering car driver ONLY


Additional passengers must purchase their own tickets either on the gate or online.


For large exhibits, and other vehicle queries please email -

Military and Amphibious

Owners of military and amphibious vehicles are again invited to display their vehicles at the Trad Boat Festival. Vehicle entrants, will receive passes for the driver and one passenger for the 3 days of the Festival. Additional passes at concession rates are only available in advance using this form.


All passengers must be in possession of a valid pass and will be expected to show them.

Please, please note:  Last year we enforced basic H&S requirements regarding moving vehicles at public events and some vehicle owners got annoyed. These are not OUR rules: but breach of them could see the event closed.

Please obey the simple rule that your vehicle is in position on the site half an hour before the event opens to the public and understand that, unless you are an amphibian, you are stuck there until, at the earliest, 5.00 p.m.

This said: we are not robots. Amphibians will have an allotted area from which they can access the launch ramp: ergo: they HAVE to be driven! But only in a defined space.

Obviously a lot of vintage vehicles won’t get here by 9.30 a.m... so we will place early birds on the Lower Meadow (the high bit) first and late-comers can slide onto the Upper Meadow: the low bit.

Once in position: the rule applies. NO sneaking off at 3.00 p.m. as you will not be allowed off the grass.

Please ensure you have read and understand this.


There will be a temporary slipway installed at the south end of the meadow  suitable for lighter craft & some but NOT ALL launch trailers. This slipway is privately owned and not the property of TTBF.


Usage of this slipway is entirely at the discretion of the slipway owner. The TTBF cannot be held responsible for any mishaps resulting from use of this slipway. Safety on the slipway is the responsibility of the owners of craft using it.


NOTE – the slipway will be installed on Thursday 13th pm and removed on Monday morning, 17th  July.


There is also a public concrete slipway in Henley town at the bottom of New Street but please be aware of restricted manoeuvring space.


For larger or heavier craft – we recommend either Val Wyatt’s of Wargrave, or the public slipway near the Flower Pot pub in Aston. Both these are up/down stream 1 lock away.



Exhibitors and Traders

We are so glad you want to join in the 2024 Festival.


Following the success of previous years' site layout, only minor changes are proposed for this year.  We therefore invite Exhibitors and traders to re-book for 2024.

For the most part we will again be asking traders and exhibitors to use tents erected by our supplier, Bucks Wigwams, who have considerably increased their stock.  Rental will still include a tent, or pagoda (depending on what is booked) ready for occupation on Wednesday afternoon.

Whatever your trade we wish you every success for the weekend!

Members of the Committee look forward to meeting as many boaters, exhibitors and traders as possible at the informal pre-Festival get-together at the onsite, Crooked Billet pub from early Thursday evening until closing time. Great a la carte menu and good music!


Become a Member of the Festival and enjoy exclusive facilities in the Members Enclosure.


On Saturday and Sunday, we are encouraging boat owners, traders and visitors to adopt “Period Dress” (Victorian, Edwardian, up to the 50’s according to the age of the boats) to “embrace the spirit of the event”.

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