Our Chief Judge, Adam Toop, works closely with the leading names in boat restoration and associated trades to provide

a distinguished panel of Judges that offer an unrivalled level of experience in their respective fields.

  • Boat entrants are invited to compete for any of the Trophies listed, according to the criteria set out below.

  • Craft competing for Trophies must be: Festival entries; afloat; and at their allotted moorings. 

  • Judges will make their tour of inspection on Saturday so please be on hand to allow them on board.

  • Rosettes, to be attached to your boat, will be awarded - Gold for Trophy Winners, Blue for Runners-Up.

  • Trophies are awarded at the Prize Giving ceremony in The Crooked Billet tent at 5 pm on Sunday.

  • Entry for all Trophies is FREE.

  • Please refer also to the published list on the Boat Entry form.


Trophy: Andrews

Eligibility: All Slipper Stern launches

irrespective of builder,

following the Andrews design pattern

Criteria: Restoration,

Maintenance and Presentation

Trophy: Bates Wheel

Eligibility: All craft built at Bates Yard, Chertsey pre or post WW2

Criteria: Restoration, Maintenance

and Presentation

Trophy: Chaplin

Eligibility: Unpowered craft

CriteriaRestoration and Presentation

Trophy: Piston (formerly Dean Marine)

Eligibility: Cruisers and Launches

Criteria: Installation and

Smooth Running of period internal combustion engine

Trophy: Ellenbrook

Eligibilityex-Working Boats

CriteriaBest presented ex-Working Boat

Trophy: Bill Gardham

EligibilityAll Motor Cruisers

CriteriaRestoration and Presentation

Trophy: Freebody

Eligibility: All craft

Criteria: Best Amateur Restoration,

fully or partly complete, taking into account effort and enthusiasm

Trophy: Horsham Cleat

EligibilitySteam craft

CriteriaPresentation of Craft

Trophy: Reade Propeller

EligibilitySteam craft

CriteriaRestoration or Maintenance of  Steam Plant

Trophy: Osland

Eligibility: All craft

Criteria: Structural Restoration

Trophy: Stuart Turner

Eligibility: Stuart Turner engined craft

CriteriaInstallation and

Smooth Running

Trophy: Simonds

EligibilityElectrically powered craft

CriteriaSmooth Running and Overall Appearance

Trophy: Thames Heritage Cup

EligibilityAll craft

CriteriaGeneral Traditional Appearance of Boat and Crew with emphasis on Accessories

Trophy: Rosie

Eligibility: Powered craft

Criteria: Best Illuminated Craft

Trophy: Aqualight

EligibilityUn-powered craft

CriteriaBest Illuminated Craft

Trophy: Fred & Sheila Bourne

EligibilityAll winning entries in the above classes

CriteriaBest Boat in Show

Entry for this prestigious trophy is automatically conferred by virtue of being a Trophy winner.

Trophy: Eccentric Trophy

EligibilityAny craft afloat

CriteriaMost extravagantly eccentric and innovative craft on show