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Frequently Asked Questions

Please eMail us with any event queries not answered below

Q:   What is the Postcode of the Festival?

A:    RG9 2HY

Q:   Are dogs allowed at the Festival?

A:   Yes, on leads please and bring plenty of little bags for the inevitable!

Q:   Can I buy tickets from this website?

A:   Yes. Please select the Tickets page from the top menu bar.

Q:   Can I buy tickets on the gate?

A:    Yes

Q:    Can I pay with credit/debit card?

A:     On the gate, yes. Contactless too!

Q:   I bought tickets online but they haven't arrived. Where are they?

A:   We don't send out tickets. Your emailed receipt IS your ticket. Please         print it and bring it to the event where it will be exchanged for                   Festival wristbands.


Q:   Is there food, drink, music and entertainment at the Festival? 

A:   Yes, in abundance and variety, to suit most tastes.

Q:   Do you have a website?

A:    Yes!!  No really!  We have actually been asked this via the Contact Us         page on this website . . . .

Q:   How do I email the TTBF?

A:    Please address your queries to

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