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TTBF 2023 from 14th - 16th July
Entry forms now open

 The 43rd Thames Traditional Boat Festival


The abiding memory of the 43rd Trad  -  the flypast of PA 474, the BBMF WW2 Lancaster bomber

Here are just two of the many messages received following the 2021 Festival

"Congratulations for achieving such a wonderful return of the Thames Traditional Boat Festival. It was a very welcome restoration of normality for the Thames boating world and a chance to meet friends and talk to other organisations whom we had not seen for ages. All this in addition to the first-rate entertainment and spectacle."



"It was like a fairy tale!  You gave us all back our lives for a short period of time and we are all tremendously grateful.  The memories of the entire event are sprinkled with fairy dust.   I can hardly put into words how much I personally appreciate all of the hard work that the committee puts into each event.  After a year away, let me just say a humble congratulations on a resounding success once again."



Another exciting and fun day out for the whole family,

a celebration of all that's best in British boatbuilding and craftsmanship

evoking the nostalgia of boating from a bygone era.

This popular, long-running event, now offers more attractions on the water,

in the air and on the land, than ever before. 


featuring the fleet of

Dunkirk "Little Ships"


and the largest display of traditional boats in Europe, 

amphibious and military vehicles, the Bremont WW1 air display team - and much more...


The history of the Thames Traditional Boat Festival

Take part

Enter your Traditional Boat, Vintage or Classic,

Amphibious or Military Vehicle, or as an Exhibitor/ Trader


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